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 The Blue-Bearded Lady


Enter the world of Lady Bluebeard. A dark, bloody fairytale of memory and desire.

A one-woman performance by Pipi-Ayesha Evans that retells the fairy-tale of Bluebeard using circus theatre, aerial dance, stilts, partial nudity and a teddy-bear puppet who likes big boobs.

Dare you enter the forbidden room?

"The beauty of this show is its unabashed genre-bending and blending. It makes no apologies, no concessions, and is a brave piece of work." - Theatreview













The Blue-Bearded Lady has been performed in Mackay, Brisbane, Christchurch and Wellington.


See here for a brief (3 min) excerpt.


And here for a 6 min excerpt.


Lady Bluebeard also has a facebook page.


 Review - from Theatreview:



Overhead Risk Circus Theatre/ Pipi-Ayesha Evans

at BATS Theatre, The Dome, 1 Kent Tce, Wellington
From 30 Mar 2016 to 2 Apr 2016
[50 mins]

Reviewed by Deirdre Tarrant, 31 Mar 2016

A life-long fascination with fairy stories and nursery rhymes is the inspiration for and lies at the heart of this gem.  Written and performed by Pipi-Ayesha Evans with direction by Deborah Pope, lighting by Sefton Bates and a number of supporters who are thanked in the programme, this mix of aerial hoop, tissue, soft toy manipulation and theatre is utterly charming in a ghoulish kind of way.

The story of Bluebeard and his wives is the hinge for the narrative but Evans cleverly uses a variety of storytelling genres and digs deeper into her personal responses and compulsions to generate her own script.  Providing the foil to this picture- book damsel who is the latest 'desired'  wife of Bluebeard is an adorable and very expressive teddy bear who is clearly much loved (we all have one of these Teddy's in the background) and he is forced to hide his eyes when things turn nasty.  

We enter the space to a beautiful crinoline -clad lady suspended above the stage and as she finds her way down to the floor and sheds stilts and petticoats we follow the dishevelled downward spiral of her story. BUT, she is entranced and mesmerised by the risks and the dangers that arise and is looking for excitement. 

Evans' own life is cleverly brought into the mix and we are immediately engaged in the reality versus fantasy question that is at the core of fairy tales. "What's the time Mr Wolf?"  is seriously scary while played out in the guise of family fun. There is truth for her and for us - not always nice but tantalising and a little bit blue.... Well maybe a whole lot blue ....             

The simple staging works very well.  Giant, grandiose, red curtains are used to provide both temptation as a doorway to danger and resolution as possible escape. Effective use of projection and shadow play adds to the menace never far from the surface. Clever and immediate, Pipi-Ayesha Evans uses her considerable skills to tell her story and to share the experience - she has a lovely sense of the stage and confident and purposeful movement skills that make this an excellent hour in the theatre. Highly recommended if a trifle unsettling!



Media Release:

The Blue-Bearded Lady: ‘Keep yourself clean for God’

By Pipi-Ayesha Evans 

“A woman gets her tits out and hangs off a rope for half an hour, what’s not to like?”

-       Peter Kraat, Audience member


Performer Pipi-Ayesha Evans states: ‘This show isn’t necessarily for everyone: I met a woman in Mackay whilst I was doing publicity for the show: I told her I perform topless, and she quickly handed me back my flyer, saying “Keep yourself clean for God” and walked away’.

The Blue-Bearded Lady is a one-woman show from New Zealand artist Pipi-Ayesha Evans that includes circus theatre, aerial dance, stilts, partial nudity and a teddy-bear telling stories about a strip-club.

She states: ‘I’m interested in the human body, and I personally find it fascinating to watch. While there’s some adult themes in the show, mostly I aim to turn my body into something non-sexualised, just something to watch, rather than being a titillating experience.’

The main character in The Blue-Bearded Lady uses her beard and her muscled body to physically confront the audience’s preconceptions of how a woman should look and behave. Pipi-Ayesha also does this by performing strong-woman type moves (circus moves typically performed by men).

“I aim to create work that is provocative, beautiful, and entertaining - combining high physicality with innovative storytelling to create compelling theatre that pushes both physical and creative boundaries, where circus informs the story.”

This is a modern adult fairy-tale, inspired by the story of the wife-murdering Bluebeard, told by one of his wives (‘Lady Bluebeard’). She has entered the forbidden room, and is contemplating what her fate is to be. Perhaps the secrets of her childhood can empower her to save herself. He is a beast, but she may be the stronger wolf.

Pipi-Ayesha explores new techniques of performance: ‘in my tissu [aerial fabric] piece, I started by aiming to forget all I knew, and tried to find new ways of moving with and relating to the fabric’.


‘Fantastic show absolutely loved it. The strength and ability of this tiny little lady was outstanding’

- Tammy Stone, Sensory Circus Tribe




Contact details:

Pipi-Ayesha Evans

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Ph 021 176 3717

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/198448890518319/

















 Pipi Performances


Pipi Performances is a circus/theatre performance company based in Wellington, New Zealand, created and directed by Pipi-Ayesha Evans.
Pipi-Ayesha is a circus and physical theatre performer, specialising in the areas of aerials (dance and performance, whilst hanging in the air) and stilts.

The work that Pipi Performances does encompasses two main areas:

- Performances for events – special events, corporate functions, award ceremonies, festivals – any occasion that warrants an extra special touch….

- Theatrical/circus productions, usually in collaboration with other performers, across a variety of disciplines, or as a part of a company.

Pipi Performances specialises in creating memorable performances  -   on the ground, on stilts, in the air. Pipi-Ayesha and The Blue-Bearded Lady are available for bookings – for your special event, function or show.


Please see here for an aerial show reel.